What Happens in a Rock Tumbler?

http://RockTumbler.com Look inside a small rotary rock tumbler to see what happens to the rocks. They are rapidly tumbled as the barrel turns. This tumbling action rounds the rocks and smooths them. After watching this video you will understand why a rock tumbler can round and smooth rocks in a fraction of the time needed by nature in a stream or at a beach.

This tumber is running with just water in the barrel. We didn’t add grit or polish because it would make the tumbling action of the rocks difficult to see.

Shown in this video is the Thumler’s MP-1 Rock Tumbler, a small capacity tumbler that is a great first machine for beginners. http://rocktumbler.com/thumlers/model-mp-1.shtml

The tumbler makes a little more noise in this video than normal because we have replaced the plastic lid with a piece of glass. During normal operation this tumbler makes about as much noise as vigorously shaking a half-gallon carton of orange juice that is about half full.

Happy Tumbling 🙂

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