Tumbling Michigan Beach Rocks from 2020 (Part 1) – Rocks in a Box 46

Check out the rocks I found this summer after a little tumbling. I took before and after pictures of this batch so you can see how much they’ve changed. These are from several beaches on three different Great Lakes. Here are some of the videos where these rocks were collected:

Keweenaw Peninsula:
Manitou Island: https://youtu.be/cfhB17cJv2U
McLain State Park: https://youtu.be/3QtaKsfRNyY
Gratiot River: https://youtu.be/e5tyV1KIN2Q

Eastern U.P.:
Mouth of the Two Hearted River: https://youtu.be/u7-eLu-9N7c
Crisp Point Lighthouse: https://youtu.be/s3WXOVPtroU
Muskallonge Lake State Park: https://youtu.be/FTAv1QjFkRw
Lake Superior State Forest Campground: https://youtu.be/nrIcqhL5ub8
Grand Marais: https://youtu.be/PNOtX6yY9fg

Secret Superior Beach: https://youtu.be/kzCOwQ3LJuU

Northport (Lake Michigan): https://youtu.be/VGSHOzH5TEs

Seagull Point Park (Lake Huron): https://youtu.be/v5v30QMrlWw

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