Tumbling Crazy Lace Agate – A Tutorial

Learn to tumble Mexican Crazy Lace agate using a rotary and vibratory tumbler.
Want to see how the rest of them turned out? Here’s a video: https://youtu.be/sN0GKK0K6Hg
This playlist has many more of my tumbled rocks: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqNINgwEkm-LN2s_fqo0Aa67HDDIaHWcC

If you don’t have a vibratory tumbler, you could check out these videos:
Rotary tumbling with ceramics: https://youtu.be/dYGFal0e1WY
Rotary tumbling with plastic pellets: https://youtu.be/EnNvywwztr8

Rotary tumble using coarse grit, such as 46/70 silicon carbide. Check rocks weekly and set aside any that are acceptable.
Lot-O Tumbler:
2 days with 2 Tablespoons 220 or 120/200 silicon carbide grit
3 days with 1/2 teaspoon 500 aluminum oxide grit and 1 tablespoon borax
2 days with 1/2 teaspoon aluminum oxide polish and 1 tablespoon borax
Optional: burnish for 2 hours or more in 2 tablespoons of borax



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0:00 Coarse Stage in Rotary Tumbler
24:29 220 Grit in Vibratory Tumbler
37:37 500 Grit in Vibratory Tumbler
41:38 Polish in Vibratory Tumbler
44:47 Finished Rocks
46:04 Slideshow

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