Tightening the Belt on a Lortone 3A Rock Tumbler

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If your Lortone 3A rock tumber will not turn the barrel when the motor is running or it turns the barrel and then stops, it is likely that the belt needs to be replaced or it simply needs to be tightened.

Both of these are easy to do. In this video we show you how to adjust the tension on the belt.

You will need two tools: a Phillips screwdriver and a 5/16″ wrench (or a small adjustable wrench).

The first thing to do is make sure that your rock tumbler is unplugged.

Then take off the machine’s blue cover by removing the four Phillips screws that hold it in place as shown in the video.

Next, loosen the three nuts that hold the motor in place. These are located on the end of the tumbler with the motor as shown in the video.

To tighten the belt these nuts are loosened and the motor is moved in a direction that will put more tension on the belt. Then the nuts are retightened to hold the motor in the new position.

The belt should not be overly tight. Just snug enough to not slip when the barrel is on the machine.

After you have adjusted the tension on the belt, replace the blue cover and you are ready to resume tumbling.

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