Thumler’s UV-10 Rock Tumbler

In this video we demonstrate how to use the Thumler’s UV-10 vibratory rock tumbler for polishing a batch of agate, jasper and petrified wood. The key to success in using the UV-10 tumbler is adding just the right amount of water. It doesn’t take much – just enough to make the grit stick to the rock.

After you get the tumbler going it is important to check the action in the barrel two or three times per day. If the tumbling action is slowing down as a result of evaporation or development of rock mud add a few tablespoons of water for lubrication.

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Tips for tumbling opal… Hello,

We use small ceramic media or similar-hardness materials such as obsidian or landscape glass as cushioning.

Rotary tumblers change the shape of the stones by “rounding” them. Vibratory tumblers generally do not change the shape as much. If you opal has soft spots the shape can change significantly if you don’t keep an eye on what’s happening in the tumbler.

We have an article about tumbling opal on our blog…

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