Thumler’s Model B Rock Tumbler

The Thumler’s Model B rock tumbler is a favorite tumbler for people who tumble rocks and clean brass cartridges. It is also used in many machine shops to clean, deburr and work-harden metal parts. The barrel has a capacity of 15 pounds. That enables you to tumble up to about 10 pounds of rocks or hundreds of brass cases.

The Model B has a durable metal barrel with a thick rubber liner. The rubber liner reduces noise, prevents wear on the inside of the barrel, acts as a water-tight seal, and protects the items you are tumbling from impacts with the metal barrel.

The Model B has a larger motor than other Thumler’s Tumblers to accommodate the larger load. The motor is overload protected to shut of if it overheats.

The metal base is durable and has been protected with a powder coat paint job.

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