Thumler’s A-R6 Retainer Ring

A brand new retainer ring for the Thumler’s A-R6 rock tumbler looks too small to work properly. And, although it is a little challenging to install the first time it will stretch and enlarge over time. (It will also develop a nice amber color from being in contact with the rubber barrel.)

The important part of getting the ring onto the barrel is placing the barrel on a table top and using the table top as an aide for keeping the barrel in place.

We start by placing the barrel on the table and then placing the ring on the part of the barrel closest to our body. Then begin stretching the ring around the barrel and lean against the barrel to hold it in place with your body. It takes a little effort to stretch the ring over the barrel.

Practicing a few times with an empty barrel is highly recommended.

If you are ordering a retainer ring from us and would like to receive one that has been on a barrel for a few weeks to stretch it larger, just let us know in the comments field of the shopping cart or send us an email message immediately after placing your order.

Parts for the Thumler’s A-R6 Tumbler can be found here….

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