The Farthest South I have Hunted Rocks on Lake Huron

I ventured all the way down to Port Huron to hunt at Fort Gratiot County Park. Unfortunately I messed up the audio on this video but decided to publish it anyway. My external microphone wasn’t plugged in all the way, so only the front mic on my GoPro was recording. My voice sounds muffled throughout the video, but for those of you who love the sounds of the waves, they came through loud and clear! I edited the closed captions if you’d like to use those. Sorry for the mistake.



Kingsley North is a lapidary store in Michigan’s U.P. They make a great cab machine and sell many other brands too. They have a huge selection rough rock, tumblers, grit, jewelry supplies etc. at good prices. I buy most of my coarse grit from here in 45 lb. bags. It’s the best price I have found. If you buy using the following link, I make a small commission.

This is the cabbing machine I use:

I buy a lot of lapidary supplies from The Rock Shed. I don’t make money from your purchases there, but they have good prices and good service. This is where I buy my finer grits and polish.

I also have an Amazon storefront. This is where you can find other products you may have seen in my videos. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. It doesn’t cost you extra.

On Michigan Rocks you can join me on relaxing rock hunts in picturesque Michigan. I’ll also show you how to polish rocks and teach you other lapidary techniques. New videos are posted every Friday and some Tuesdays. Subscribe now so you don’t miss any upcoming videos!

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