Selecting a Rock Tumbler –

Which rock tumbler is best for you? This short video will introduce you to several different rotary rock tumblers and important features that will help you identify the one that is right for you.

The Thumler’s MP-1 tumbler is our best-selling rock tumbler. It is a small capacity tumbler with an entry-level price. It is a good rock first rock tumbler for a person who wants to try the hobby at minimal cost. It has a rubber barrel for quiet operation. It is sold in a kit that includes all of the supplies and rocks needed to produce one batch of tumbled stones. A small jewelry kit is included to make nice gift items from your a few of your first tumbled stones. You can see it at this URL.

The Thumler’s A-R1 tumbler is a step up from the MP-1. It will process about twice as much rock, has an overload protected motor and a metal frame that will last for years. It also comes with enough rock and supplies to produce one batch of tumbled stones and a small jewelry kit to make a few items. It is a good tumbler for a person who has a good interest in rock tumbling or producing tumbled stones and wants a quality machine that will last for a long time.

The Thumlers A-R2 rock tumbler has two barrels. These barrels are the same size as the barrel on the A-R1 tumbler. Two barrels allows two people to share the tumbler and each have their own barrel. It can also be used to tumble two different types of rock or two batches of rock at different steps in the tumbling process. It can be purchased alone or with enough grit and supplies to produce two barrels of tumbled stones.

The Thumler’s A-R12 and Model B tumblers are large tumblers for adult use. They have much larger barrels than the small tumblers described above. We have detailed descriptions with videos on our website at and


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