Rock Tumblers – How Much Rock to Tumble? This video shows you why filling your rock tumbler barrel between 2/3 and 3/4 full is essential.

Too much rock and there is not enough space in the barrel for tumbling to occur. The heavy load is also hard on the motor.

Too little rock and the load just slides on the bottom of the barrel – and makes a lot of noise!

For this demonstration we added water to the barrel – about enough to cover the rocks. However, we did not include grit or polish because it would decrease the visibility of what happens in the barrel.

Also, in this video the tumbler is a little louder than normal because we used a glass lid instead of the standard plastic lid.

This demonstration was made using the Thumler’s MP-1 Rock Tumbler, a small-capacity rotary rock tumbler that is very popular with rock tumbling beginners.

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