Putting a Lid and Retaining Ring on a Thumler’s Tumbler Barrel

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The first time you try to place the lid on a Thumler’s Tumbler barrel it can be a bit of a challenge. Here is a short video that shows how we do it.

The lids fit tightly. That’s what you want to prevent leaks.

We suggest practicing a few times with an empty barrel to reduce the chance of a spill. It is not difficult once you have mastered the technique. As a precaution, we suggest wearing a pair of safety glasses, just in case there is a splash.

New retaining rings can be difficult the first couple of times they are used. However, once they have been on the barrel for a while they stretch and are easier to install in the future.

New retaining rings are generally much smaller than a used ring because they have not been stretched. This is especially true of the retaining ring that fits the 9-pound barrel – when we see the new rings we think that they are waaaay too small – but they stretch to fit and enlarge over time.

People with small hands and children might need assistance closing the barrel.

If you need a barrel for your Thumler’s Tumbler, or a retaining ring and lid, we have them here….

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