Paddling to Potter Point for Puddingstones

What a fun day in the kayak! I paddled over the sinkhole in El Cajon Bay, looked at rocks on Potter Point, did a little snorkeling, and then paddled around Round Island. If you like puddingstones, you’ll enjoy this spot.

To get here, drive past the LaFarge Cement plant (Ford Avenue/Misery Bay Road) about four miles to North Point Road. North Point Road is the first road to the left, do not confuse it with North Point Shores, which is a private road to the right. After turning on to North Point Road, you’ll pass a few houses on your right. Just past the last house, look for a gate on your right. Park on the side of the road and walk in. It’s about a quarter mile to the water, so it’s best if you have some wheels for your kayak.

Here’s another video with an interview of my friend Bill, who lives on El Cajon Bay. He talks about the sinkhole and wildlife in the area. There are some great wildlife pictures taken by his wife, Janet:

If you’d like to see the karst formations (like little canyons) on the shore of El Cajon Bay, check out this video:



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