How Loud is a Rock Tumbler? A small rotary rock tumbler is about as loud as shaking a 1/2-full carton of orange juice. To get an idea of what a small tumbler will sound like adjust the volume of this video until it is about as loud as shaking carton of orange juice. Now, imagine that noise in the area where you plan to run your tumbler.

Many people run their tumblers in their garage, their basement or an outbuilding. These are locations where a little noise generally will not be a problem.

We have a Lortone QT6, a Thumler’s MP-1 and a Thumler’s A-R2 rotary tumblers. We can run any two of them simultaneously in our basement and not hear them in the bedroom immediately above (you may have different results at your house).

The tumbler used in this video is a Thumler’s MP-1 tumbler. It is a small machine and one of the more quiet rock tumblers.

We also have a single Lot-o-Tumbler. We run it from morning until night. However, we turn don’t run it through the night because we can hear the hummmmm upstairs.

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